Edition: March | April 2022


The Oak Life Journal is a publication designed specifically for orphanage directors, caregivers and advocates. Topics include international orphan care news, orphanage frameworks and administration, as well as practical applications of therapeutic care and alternative caregiving perspectives.

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Table of Contents

From the Editor

"Sharing Your Story"

By Cameron Talbot • 2 min read

The Oak Life Journal is beginning something new, and we want to hear your stories, your struggles and your testimonies.

The Journey

"From Rebel to Orphanage Director"
7 min read

Emmanuel Frutos, director of Love in Action Children's Home, shares his story of struggle, rebellion and discovery. From swearing, "I'll never work at that orphanage..." to helping reshape the shelter's fundamental culture, Emmanuel's story is an inspiration.

Ask Ann

"How to Welcome a New Child"
3 min read

Clinical Social Worker, Ann Houck, answers the critical questions that caregivers are asking about childcare.

...what's the best way to interact with a child when they first arrive at our orphanage?


with Isaiah Cory • 4 min read

Bolivian Femicides Leave Behind Orphans

New Book Addresses Child Trafficking in Orphanages

Peru Begins Economic Assistance Program for its Orphans

Museum in London to Launch Exhibit Exploring Orphan Themes in Comics

The Ultimate Gamemaker Tips

"How to Entertain 20+ Children"

by Cameron Talbot • 5 min read

It's playtime! But how do we entertain 20+ children without dying of exhaustion? Find out how to be the Ultimate Gamemaker with our tips!

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