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Program costs for Oak Life's school of missional orphan care are comparable to other three and six-month, international courses. Check it out!

Program Costs

Choose your Experience:

The majority of your first 3 months are spent in intensive study, culturally integrating and getting to know the local area and its orphanages. Your final month will involve a hands-on project, specific to your service strengths, that will benefit the kids of one of the homes.
This program will teach you the skills you need to work with children of trauma, and give you a taste of international social work.

The total cost for the first 3 months program is:

$3,900 USD


$1,300 USD per month

Room and Board 

3 Meals a Day

 Course Fees 

Course Books

 Orphanage Project Expenses


Small Medical Expenses

Beginning with a vacation excursion, the majority of your second 3 months are spent putting into practice what you have learned. You will be placed in a local orphanage and given certain responsibilities and projects depending on your particular gifting and skill set.

At the end of this period, qualifying students will be recommended for permanent placement at an orphanage of their choosing. 

The total cost for the second 3 months program is:

$2,300 USD


$767 USD per month

Room and Board 

3 Meals a Day

 Orphanage Project Expenses


Vacation Excursion 

Small Medical Expenses

*Not Included:


Eating Off-Campus (optional)

Large Medical Expenses

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