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July | August 2021

Articles Included:

From the Editor: "Islands and Soldiers"

In the News:

India Werestles with Influx of Orphaned Children Due to COVID-19

U.S. Decision on Foster Care Impacts Religious Freedoms, LGBTQ+ Rights

Ask Ann: "The IDEAL Response"

A Founder's Guide to: The Board of Directors

May | June 2021

Articles Included:

From the Editor: "Deep Connections"

In the News:

Pakistan Unveils New Orphanage Standards, Are They Enough?

Upcoming UN Discussion Seeks Children in Shelters to Participate

Orphan Myth Campaign Featured Celebrities, Raised Alternative Care Awareness

Ask Ann: "Fighting!"

How Many Kids? Balancing Resources and Maximum Capacity

March | April 2021

Articles Included:

From the Editor: "Poland, 1945 and Hidden Stories"

In the News:

Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Orphanage Developers

Egyptian Women Are Fighting the Cultural Stigma of Adoption

Ask Ann: "Trouble at Bedtime"

4 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Your Orphanage

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