Edition: September | October 2022


The Oak Life Journal is a publication designed specifically for orphanage directors, caregivers and advocates. Topics include international orphan care news, orphanage frameworks and administration, as well as practical applications of therapeutic care and alternative caregiving perspectives.

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Table of Contents

From the Editor

"Developing Sustainability"

By Cameron Talbot • 2 min read

I burnt out. But through that, I learned some valuable lessons about sustainability. Are we asking ourselves the right questions?

Ask Ann


By Ann Houck • 3 min read

Clinical Social Worker, Ann Houck, answers the critical questions that caregivers are asking about childcare.

At your breaking point with the kids in your care? Let's talk seriously about burn-out.

Donor Retention

"3 Tips That will Change Your Organization"

By Cameron Talbot • 7 min read

Congratulations! You just received a new donation. Your next question should be—how can you ensure that the new donor sticks around?

The Importance of Connection

"A Tool of Sustainability"

By Ann Houck • 3 min read

Adults, too, need emotional support and structure. Why? Because just like children, we can't survive without it.

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