Edition: May | June 2021


The Oak Life Journal is a publication designed specifically for orphanage directors, caregivers and advocates. Topics include international orphan care news, orphanage frameworks and administration, as well as practical applications of therapeutic care and alternative caregiving perspectives.

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Table of Contents

From the Editor

By Cameron Talbot

How deep connection and true trust could both change a child, and change the world.

News Feed:

with Isaiah Cory

Pakistan Unveils New Orphanage Standards: Are They Enough?

Upcoming UN Discussion Seeks Children in Shelters to Participate

Orphan Myth Campaign Featured Celebrities, Raised Alternative Care Awareness

Ask Ann


Clinical Social Worker, Ann Houck, answers the critical questions that caregivers are asking about childcare. In this segment—
"How to handle two children who always fight?"

How Many Kids?

Balancing Resources and Maximum Capacity

By Cameron Talbot

In this interview, director Anabel Frutos helps unravel the complex decision every orphanage has to make: How many kids to bring in?

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