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The Board of Directors: Part One

Edition: Jul | Aug 2021
What should a well-built board really do for your children’s home? And how an earth do you choose the members? We discuss these and more in “Part One” of this guide.

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7 Reasons Orphanages Should Connect Together

Connecting isn’t always easy. In fact, relationship can even feel cumbersome, especially when you work at an orphanage. But what could the benefits be in maintaining relationship between local orphanages? Here are 7 reasons why orphanages should stay connected…

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The Move Towards Family-Based Care

The way the world takes care of its enormous population of abandoned children is changing. For those of us working with and for orphanages, it is important that we understand the shift, listen to criticisms carefully, and assess where we can be a part of this forward-motion.

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The Importance of Connection

So, we want to work with orphans? We know there is a need and want to be a part of filling that need. We have come into this work full of joy, hope and love. But, do we come to this work from “a place of healing” for ourselves?

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