Summer Learning Mission

Choose between one week or two weeks of learning to care for abandoned children, while making a real impact in the lives of orphans today. Our Summer Learning Mission gives you the opportunity to explore your calling in orphan care. Join a team of like-minded students, create lasting friendships, and experience the world of international orphan care.

One trip is all it takes make a positive difference

During your

Summer Learning Mission...

Learn to care for abandoned children

Not only will you spend time with children living in an orphanage setting, but you will participate in classroom courses designed to train you in orphan care. Our instructors will teach you the foundational principles of Trust Based Relational Intervention, a trauma-informed method of child care. Use these skills to help you relate to and heal children from difficult places.

Experience Mexico

Our campus is located in the lake-town of Chapala, Mexico, located just South of Guadalajara. Chapala is culturally diverse, safe for travel, and exhibits the most beautiful, iconic parts of Mexican life. Come and explore the music, food and colors of this vibrant country!

Change an orphanage forever

You will be part of crucial work projects at local orphanages. This could mean building, painting, restoring or fixing important aspects of the facility. Bettering the physical conditions of a children's shelter improves the quality of life for those living there. And in this way, you not only impact the children of today, but those who will be a part of that orphanage in the future.

Grow Closer to The Father

Become intimately aware of God as the "Father of Orphans." As you co-labor with this part of His identity for 1-2 weeks, you will hear from keynote speakers within the orphan care community, and connect through sessions of worship. Assess the areas of your own heart where you have been "orphaned," and discover God's intentions, truth and fatherly voice towards you.

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When mismanaged, they can be! However, Oak Life takes the hosting, management and financial burdens of the trip off of local orphanages, so the children’s home gets all the benefit. 

In addition, students taking a trip through Oak Life do not interact with children indiscriminately. Instead, they are first educated in trauma-informed childcare, and guided into appropriate “friendship” settings with children. These interactions, then, rather than cause further trauma, provide healthy occasions for relational and cultural education for the children.  

Simply time. Both trips are focused heavily on learning and service. Both trips involve a hands-on project to fulfill a need at a local orphanage. Both include “fun days” hosting games with the kids. In the 14-day trip, however, you will learn, do and see a little more. 

The Oak Life team understands the difficulties that COVID-19 is causing internationally, especially regarding future-planning and travel. We are staying up-to-date on all pertinent, Mexican health policies and travel restrictions. If your trip is cancelled by us due to a travel ban or other COVID-19-related cause for concern, your trip will be refunded in its entirety. 

We are also aware that each country is making COVID-19  decisions independently, and this may affect you. If your country implements a travel ban that prevents you from coming, your trip will also be refunded in its entirety, provided you inform Oak Life of your cancellation at least 7 days prior to your trip.

Thank you for your understanding!

Summer Learning Missions trips are structured to bring people together from all over. Members of your group may sign up for the same week. If you do not fill up the trip completely, then you may be joined by others. 

In order to schedule an exclusive trip for your social work class, church group, family, etc., you must reserve one of the SLM weeks. Your group must be at least 6 members. 

To check availability and begin the process of reserving an exclusive trip, email your request and information to:

Yes, there is! To join a Summer Learning Mission, you must be at least 18 years old. 

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