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Oak Life

School of Orphan Care

is our training center for future orphanage directors and caregivers. Based in Jalisco, Mexico, we teach you the skills to live internationally and work with at-risk and orphaned children.

"Develop your heart for abandoned children and be part of the collective"

Be part of the Collective



1. a cooperative project or undertaking

Our Mission is to educate and empower an international collective of orphanage directors, caregivers and advocates, prepared to holistically and sustainably care for abandoned children.

Advanced Placement

"Welcome Home"

The most important aspect of our program is what we call "Advanced Placement." After completing the school courses, students will have the opportunity to work in local orphanages for a three-month internship, helping in areas of administration, teaching and childcare.

At the end of the internship, qualifying students will be connected with orphanages in need of help with open positions. Oak Life will assist students wanting to transition into full-time orphan care.

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