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The Redo:

A Behavioral Correction Method For Us All

By Ann Houck

When a child has responded to a situation in a hurtful, self-defeating, and/or disregulated manner, a "redo" is in order. But what, exactly, is a redo? And should the adults try it, too, perhaps?


Whether you are a caregiver, director, volunteer or student, we are dedicated to providing helpful tools, creative ideas and encouraging community. Together, we enable one another to effectively change the lives of our children.


The Oak Life


At Oak Life, we believe that sharing your orphan care story will educate and empower others’ journey into orphan care. That’s why we’ve created the Oak Life Sessions.

Session 1 - Anabel Frutos

Anabel Frutos, founder of Love in Action Children's Home in Mexico, shares her personal journey of compassion into childcare, highlighting the range of needs in which she has found the children in her home.

Session 2 - Karen David

Karen David, founder of Treasure House, discusses her heart and the story behind her work with children of exploitation. Hear the difficulties of saving children from human trafficking, and how you can help make a difference.

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The Move Towards Family-Based Care

The way the world takes care of its enormous population of abandoned children is changing. For those of us working with and for orphanages, it is important that we understand the shift, listen to criticisms carefully, and assess where we can be a part of this forward-motion.

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The Importance of Connection

So, we want to work with orphans? We know there is a need and want to be a part of filling that need. We have come into this work full of joy, hope and love. But, do we come to this work from “a place of healing” for ourselves?

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Reviewing Orphan Movies – Part 2

PART 2 – Hollywood is obsessed with orphans. And while watching the lost boys run free in Neverland is good fun for children in secure homes who wish their parents would disappear…it might not hurt to occasionally pause, and consider the narratives for our kids who have lived real hardship.

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