Sustainable Missions



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A mission born from your heart requires a solid foundation. Your calling cannot live by emotion alone.

With this virtual, self-paced course, you will turn your dreams into the powerful, long-lasting, impactful forces on the world that God intended them to be. You will learn skills in fundraising, cross-cultural integration, organization building, setting appropriate missional boundaries, avoiding burn-out, and much more.

The world of orphan care, and missions in general, is in desperate need of individuals who are firmly set, prepared, and eager to love people well. Build your missional life in a way that will last.

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This course includes:
• 16 Lessons
• Over 13 hours of video instruction
• Exclusive Instructor Support
• Graded assignments & quizzes
• Self-paced learning

Lesson topics include:
• How to adjust within and understand international cultures
• Fundraising, budgeting & donor connections
• Conflict resolution in cross-cultural missions
• Building a mission statement & plan
• Setting boundaries for yourself & family
• Ensuring the long-term success of your mission

Students who successfully complete the course with a 75% cumulative grade or higher will be awarded a Certificate of Completion for their professional development, or to go towards their Orphan Care Certification with Oak Life.

Important Note: Students are responsible for purchasing the required reading materials that accompany this course. The required reading material is:
Cultures & Organizations: Software of The Mind by Geert Hofstede, Gert Jan Hofstede and Michael Minkov
ISBN: 978-0071664189

Course Content

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Unit 1: Personal Sustainability
Unit 2: Missional Sustainability
Unit 3: Financial Sustainability
Unit 4: Relational Sustainability

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