Medium Roast




Medium Roast

Farm: Productores de Lempira
Region: Lempira, Honduras
Varietal: Bourbon types
Altitude: 1450 -1750m
Process: Washed

Molasses, Hazelnut, Chocolate 

Medium Roast

Flavor Profile

Our medium roast is one of my personal favorites right now. I made a Kalita Wave out of it and was able to produce a very tasty cup. Lots of body and rich flavors of chocolate, molasses, and hints of hazelnut. As it cools, there’s a mild acidity that creates a bit more complexity. Maybe enough acidity to call off putting a lot of cream in this type of roast. This would be great for drip coffee or for pour overs!

  • 100% Specialty Arabica Coffee
  • Kosher (Star-K)
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Farm Info

Productores de Lempira is made up of coffees from a few different farms in the Lempira region of southwestern Honduras. OK, one of the farms is actually just on the other side of the eastern border in Intibuca, but we’ve gone with the Lempira name nonetheless. The region of Lempira gets its name from the indigenous Lenca chief who in 1530, defended the region from Spanish conquistadores. The Lenca people still inhabit this part of Honduras, tucked in the shadows of both the Celaque mountain and Pacavita volcano. “Lempira” is also the name of a disease-resistant, high yielding coffee hybrid, produced by the Instituto Hondureño del Café (IHCAFE).

How You Help Buying Our Medium Roast

At My Sip of Coffee we pride ourselves with great coffee. When you buy our coffee, you directly help our family, Oak-Life in achieving their goals. Their Curriculum dives into trauma care, and how to handle abused and mistreated kids. Their ground breaking solution helps orphanages and regular people learn a valuable skills, but also be able to help in ways they couldn’t before.

“Our mission is to help solve the world orphan crisis by reshaping the way we interact with and consider “orphan care”. Too often, inadequate or harmful orphanages are allowed to continue, while loving, wholesome homes and foster families struggle. Good shelters are unable to grow and care for children without sufficient resources and staff. We intend to change this worldwide culture and bring more children home. We are doing this in three simple ways…”

We’re extremely grateful for your support, and hope you’ll enjoy our medium roast coffee as much as we do! While this coffee is to die for, we know you’ll love our other coffees too. Check out our dark roast to get more delicious, flavorful coffee and continue supporting us.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Step 1: Size?

12 Ounce, 6 Ounce Sample

Step 2: Type?

Ground For Cold Brew, Ground For French Press, Ground For Home Brewer, Ground For Pour Over, Whole Bean (Recommended)


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