Ethiopia Guji


Light Roast Coffee

Region: Guji, Ethiopia
Varietal: Heirloom cultivars
Altitude: 2000m
Process: Dry process. Dried on raised beds.

Character Notes: Strawberry, blueberry, tamarind

Ethiopia Guji

Flavor Profile

This natural processed Ethiopian coffee won’t disappoint the avid “fruit forward” drinkers. Notes of Strawberry, blueberry, and a sweet note of something similar to tamarind grace this coffee. It’s a no brainer to put this one up for pour overs and drip coffee! Another bean that doesn’t care for your cream and sugar, and would rather be left alone in the spotlight. Enjoy!

Farm Info

This lot is a blend of the “out grower” coffees from farms nearby Daannisa. Coffee is grown at an altitude range of 1900 – 2100+ meters above sea level. The bean screen size is pretty broad and there are some very small beans mixed in. The Daannisa coffee processing site is near the town of Suke Quto, in the small village of Daannisa. This is really considered a “sub-Kebele”, about the smallest geographical division in Ethiopoia.

How You Help Buying Our Light Roast

At My Sip of Coffee we pride ourselves with great coffee. When you buy our coffee, you directly help our family, Oak-Life in achieving their goals. Their Curriculum dives into trauma care, and how to handle abused and mistreated kids. Their ground breaking solution helps orphanages and regular people learn a valuable skills, but also be able to help in ways they couldn’t before.

We’re extremely grateful for your support, and hope you’ll enjoy our light roast coffee as much as we do! While this coffee is to die for, we know you’ll love our other coffees too. Check out our Light Roast to get more bright, fruity flavors and continue supporting us.


Weight 12.5 oz
Step 1: Size?

12 Ounce, 5 Pounds, 6 Ounce Sample

Step 2: Type?

Ground For Cold Brew, Ground For French Press, Ground For Home Brewer, Ground For Pour Over, Whole Bean (Recommended)


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