Join our group of partnering orphanages from around the world. Together, are we developing an open community and a comprehensive list of orphanages that operate as "families," not just "institutions."


What are the benefits to partnering?

Partnering with Oak Life is about connections and growth. We exist to see healthy orphanages prosper and receive the help and support they deserve. To accomplish this, our connecting orphanages benefit from partnership in a variety of ways:

Volunteer Support

Graduating students from the Oak Life School have the opportunity to choose a partnering orphanage and transition directly into full-time, volunteer work abroad. With additional, experienced support, homes can become more sustainable, ease the burden on directors and fill their beds to capacity!

Renewed Trust

During a time when the international community is increasingly wary of the practices in orphanages, partnership with Oak Life demonstrates transparency. Our connecting homes meet core requirements for child care and administration, allowing potential volunteers and supporters to have greater faith in a healthy home.

Core Orphanage Values:


Who can apply for partnership?

If you represent or direct an orphanage recognized by your country's government, you can apply for partnership! Our application process is simple and covers a variety of topics that ensure your children's home meets basic rights and standards.


Let's get started!

If you would like to apply for partnership with Oak Life, simply fill out the following form with your contact information. One of our team will get in touch with you shortly, provide you with the application and answer any additional questions you may have. It's that simple!

Partnership Application:

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